Knactivate’s main area of expertise is events. Knactivate provides all services pertaining to events. Each project that Knactivate works on typically falls under one of two umbrellas: fundraising events and corporate events.

Knactivate’s services can include any combination of:

A) Development

  • Conceptualizing, exploring market segments, conducting market research, leading ideation process;
  • Creating a proposal, budget, and qualitative analysis for a project; and/or
  • Determining required resources, responsibilities of parties involved, initiative logistics, and a marketing plan

B) Management

  • Operating an event for a client;
  • Management of critical paths, volunteers, participants, budgets, sponsorships, in-kind contributions, communications, meetings, web/online systems, registration/ticketing equipment, inventory, suppliers (i.e. venue, food, A/V, photography/videography) and more; and/or
  • Managing the activities taking place during the day of an event

*Typically, management involves the entire project, but it can be focused on select areas of an event

C) Consulting

  • Working with a client on an existing event to improve what is currently being done inside of an organization or with respect to a event;
  • Analyzing cost structures, sourcing suppliers, creating alternative revenue streams; and/or
  • Facilitating or advising on specific event components such as marketing, promotions, social media and/or entertainment


Knactivate works with various clients including primarily:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Companies

When any of the above parties is launching a new project, requires management of an event, or would benefit from consultation on an existing event, Knactivate can fill any or all of these needs.